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Join the FireAware experiment by sending us your fire notifications!
FireAware is a Citizen Science experiment whose main goal is to raise the awareness of the society about fire danger. More specifically, through this crowdsensing application, citizens will take an active role in the experiment by simply sending a geo-referenced notification any time they spot a fire on the Italian territory.
For each notification, the user will only have to specify the intensity (low, medium, high) and distance from the fire (short, medium, long) and the app will automatically send the user position to the FireAware Database (geolocation services must be turned on to use FireAware). In this regard, all collected information is completely anonymous and is not associated with the user.
By doing this very simple action, citizens will help us create the FireAware Database on top of which aggregated statistics will be inferred and made available to the general public through the CMCC Foundation website.
Please note that FireAware is NOT meant to replace any national emergency number/service and we strongly encourage users to report any fire danger situation to the competent authorities through the official channels (dial 115 for the National Fire Service).


Civil Protection Section – Apulia region
Municipality of Lecce
Regional Agency for Irrigation and Forest Activities


FireAware is co-funded by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.)


For information and support, please contact us at: fireaware@cmcc.it