CMCC Foundation (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) is a research organization that conducts and promotes scientific and applied activities within the scope of international climate change research. CMCC aims to gain in-depth knowledge of climate variability, along with the causes and consequences, through the development of high-resolution simulations using global models of the Earth System as well as regional models, focusing in particular on the Mediterranean area. The specific objective of these research studies is to provide scientifically reliable, rigorous and updated results that will help to investigate, know and represent the interactions between the climate system, the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and society.

Giovanni Aloisio

Prof. Giovanni Aloisio

Sandro Fiore pic

Sandro Fiore

Maria Mirto

Maria Mirto

Alessandra Nuzzo

Alessandra Nuzzo

Alessandro D_Anca

Alessandro D'Anca

Cosimo Palazzo

Cosimo Palazzo


Donatello Elia

Antonio Aloisio

Antonio Aloisio

Laura Conte

Laura Conte


Giovanni Coppini

Giorgia Verri_photo

Giorgia Verri

Rita Lecci

Rita Lecci


Sergio Cretì


Valentina Bacciu


Costantino Sirca


Donatella Spano

Mauro Buonocore

Buonocore Mauro


Laura Caciagli

Lucia Luperto

Lucia Luperto


Lorenzo Tarricone

University of Ioannina

The University of Ioannina is a research university operating since 1964 in the city of Ioannina, Greece. It consists of 15 departments and about 475 full-time faculty members spanning the entire range of scientific disciplines from engineering, medicine, and natural sciences to economics, social sciences, education and fine arts. The Research Committee of the university has the legal responsibility to manage the research funding and supervise the related research, training and technological development programs. For more info:

Computer Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Stergios Anastasiadis, Associate Professor
Giorgos Kappes, PhD Candidate
Panagiotis Bakochristos, PhD Candidate
Evangelos Dimoulis, MSc Student
Giannis Bakos, MSc Student
Anargyros Katsouliers, MSc Student
Theofanis Balaskas, Software Engineer


Prof. S. Anastasiadis


Giorgos Kappes


Anargyros Katsoulieris

Yannis Mpakos

Giannis Bakos


Theofanis Balaskas

Panagiotis Bakochristos

P. Bakochristos

Evangelos Dimoulis

Evangelos Dimoulis

Laboratory of Meteorology

Department of Physics
Aristeidis Bartzokas, Professor
Christos Lolis, Assistant Professor
Dimitrios Chaskos, PhD Candidate
Elias Houssos, Postdoctoral Researcher
Georgios Kotsias, PhD Candidate


Prof. A. Bartzokas


Prof. Christos Lolis


Dr. Elias Houssos


Dimitrios Chaskos


Georgios Kotsias

Decentralized Administration of Epirus-Western Macedonia (DAEWM)

The Decentralized Administration of Epirus-Western Macedonia (DAEWM) is one of the seven decentralized government organizations which were created in 2011 as part of the reform of the country’s administrative structure. It enjoys both administrative and financial autonomy and exercises devolved state powers in urban planning, environmental and energy policy, forestry, migration and citizenship. The Decentralized Administration is led by a Coordinator and it is considered the senior representative of the national government in the region of Epirus and Western Macedonia.
The General Directorate of Forests and Rural Affairs is one of the three General Directorates of DAEWM, which is involved in the implementation of the OFIDIA2 project through its provincial Forest Authorities. Its main objective is to promote sustainable development of forests and develop best management practices in the fields of forest land protection, wood and non-wood production, afforestation, recreation, biodiversity conservation and other non market products and services. As a result of climate change and its projected effects, the topic of effective prevention and protection of forest resources, especially from wildfires, arises high in its priorities.




Nikolaos Papaeuthimiou


Xenophon Markantonatos


Konstantinos Papageorgiou




Anny Kolovou


Evaggelia Vassila

Civil Protection Department - Apulia Region

The Civil Protection Department of the Apulia Region carries out civil protection activities for the safeguarding of the population, infrastructure and the environment, also by means of the SOIR (Integrated Regional Operations Room), SOUP (Permanent Unified Operations Room) and CFD (Regional Functional Center) operating structures.
Moreover, the Regional Civil Protection Department plans and implements the regional programs of forecasting and prevention of natural and anthropic risks and also the regional initiatives aimed at coordinating the active fight against forest fires in the period of highest danger.
The Civil Protection Department of the Apulia Region also plans and implements initiatives aimed at maintaining and managing the Regional List of Voluntary Civil Protection Associations, and promotes training and information activities on civil protection culture as well.

Lucio Pirone

Dr. Lucio Pirone

Ivana Caputo

Eng. Ivana Caputo


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Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy