The implementation of OFIDIA2 and the achievement of the goals set out by the project rely on five Work Packages (WP)
  • WP1 – Management Costs. WP1 will be running throughout the project lifetime and it is responsible for the overall project administration, including coordination, management, financial administration, Quality Assurance and Risk Management procedures. WP1 includes the preparation of periodical reports delivered to the Managing Authority, as well as the administrative procedures for staff recruitment, project coordination through teleconferences and face-to-face meetings in the participating locations. A project office, steering committee and scientific advisory board will be established at the beginning of the project.
  • WP2 – Information and Publicity. WP2 is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the project website, the production of promotional material, the setup of internal channels for communication purposes, and the organization of public dissemination events. WP2 will implement a dissemination plan throughout the project lifetime. Two final public workshops are scheduled to take place in the two regions to disseminate the project results.
  • WP3 – Infrastructure. WP3 undertakes to prepare the specifications and finalize the locations for the installation of weather and video sensors for wildfires patrolling and management purposes. The WP includes the acquisition of two off-road vehicles in Ioannina, along with four drones and the workstations for the offices of the Forestry Directorate in Ioannina and Igoumenitsa. Additionally, WP3 will supervise the planning and renovation of the Wildfire Control Center building in Apulia.
  • WP4 – Fire and Weather Modeling. WP4 will develop and calibrate a weather modeling operational facility based on the WRF software. Additionally, a fire spread model will be developed and calibrated for the forests and rural areas in Apulia. The weather model will use real-time sensor measurements as boundary conditions for improved prediction accuracy.
  • WP5 – Data Platform & Applications. WP5 will develop an operational platform for the real-time collection, analysis and visualization of environmental and forecasting sensor data. Several applications will be developed to support the daily operational activities of the stakeholders. Besides enhancing access to weather forecasts, real-time monitoring sensor data and fire danger indices maps with stronger visualization and real-time analysis capabilities, the tools will include new features such as access to data from video cameras/drones, fire behavior analysis, and biodiversity monitoring maps with a stronger adoption of GIS technologies.


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Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy